Hi everyone, I’m Curtis and I’m the proud father of 18 month old Isabella!

During the last few months leading up to the birth of our baby girl I was assembling her cot and the thought of her sleeping in a bedroom all on her own got me into a bit of a panic. Now I knew this would be a fair few months away but I couldn’t shake this feeling.

It’s a girl!

Well the birth went very well and to our delight a bouncing baby Isabella was born. After several months it was time for her to sleep in her own room which brought back all my fears of her sleeping alone! At this time I was introduced to the world of baby monitors and the more I learnt about these sleep guardians (I like to call them) the more confident I became around sleep time.

But then which one? What make? What model?

We took a long time to choose the right one for us. We searched everywhere, online, shops, read lots of different reviews asked friends and family until we settled on the one we have today.

I know the difference it makes when you get a Baby Monitor you feel confident and comfortable with it gives you “peace of mind while your little one sleeps.”

Why this website?

So the reason I created this website is to help good people like yourselves to be able to do all your searching, review reading and ultimately choosing the Baby Monitor that fits your needs.

So please look around, get a feel for things, I’d love to hear feedback of any form.

Good luck in your quest for the right Baby Monitor I know it will be a great investment.

Thanks for dropping by



Founder of babymonitorswithcurtis.com