Angelcare AC1200 – Heavenly or hype?

Product: Angelcare AC1120 Baby Monitor Review
Price:  £119.99
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Type of monitor: Digital audio and video monitor.
Guarantee: 12 months from the date of purchase.

The Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor, Product overview from the manufacturer.

The innovative AC1120 Digital Video & Sound watches over your baby when you can’t. The 2-in-1 monitor offers parents high quality video (day and night) and crystal clear digital sound quality.

Trusted by Millions of parents worldwide, it’s easy to use and packed with innovative features. The touchscreen technology featured on the Parent Unit works just like a smart phone, a touch is all it takes to activate a multiple of functions.


Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Nursery Night Light: The Nursery Unit halo acts as a soothing night light and allows you to check on baby with minimal disruption

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Portable & Rechargeable Parent Unit: Keep your portable Parent Unit charged to monitor your baby on the go

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Temperature Display & Control: The temperature in baby’s room is displayed on the Parent Unit, an alarm can be set to sound if the temperature is too high or too low

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Sound & Vibration Alarm: The Parent Unit can be set to vibrate, sound alert or both when an alarm is activated

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Out of Range Indicator: The “Out of Range” indicator function will advise you when the two units are not communicating with each other. Out of range situations can be caused by distance or by physical interferences

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Battery or Mains Operated: In case of power failure the monitor reverts to batteries automatically

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
LCD Touchscreen: All settings can be easily adjusted with the user friendly interface touchscreen

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Digital Crystal Clear Sound Transmission: The digital transmission with automatic channel selection guarantees optimal sound quality and communication privacy between Parent and Nursery Unit

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Continuous or Voice-activated Sound Monitoring: The monitor can be set to continuous or voice-activated sound transmission, so you can hear all sounds in your baby’s room or just when your baby cries

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Talk-back: Press the button on the Parent Unit and speak directly to your baby

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Digital Full Colour Video Transmission: The Parent Unit will show you every
movement from your baby through the high quality camera on the Nursery Unit

Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Baby Monitor
Camera Zoom & Rotate: Using the Parent Unit it is possible to zoom and rotate the camera in the Nursery Unit

  • Here are my pro’s and con’s let’s see how well this monitor performs!

    Before I started writing my review I had heard a lot of great things about this monitor and many other Angelcare products so naturally as a parent of a young child I wanted to find out for myself how this monitor is preforming, so here are my pro’s and con’s.

  • Pro’s

    As I do with all my reviews I start off with how the product looks and with this monitor it ticks all the right boxes for me.The Nursery unit looks cute and has two little wings the left hand wing turns the power on and Halo has a pleasant blue glow which is a soothing light for your little one and can be switched on by the little wing on the right hand side.

    Setting up the monitor is pretty straight forward and you shouldn’t come across to many problems just follow the manuals instructions and you’ll be fine. If you do come across any problems there are contact details in the form of a phone number, e-mail or angelcares website at the back of the manual.

    The temperature sensor has a nice little feature, there is an alarm function you can set if the temperature gets to high or to low. One little set back with this, there is a button you can press to pause this but it only lasts a few minutes so its obvious that the room temperature will not change in a few minutes so you may want to switch this off.

    On the base of the unit there is a little adjustable foot to help you position the camera to get the perfect viewing position. A little tip here if you find it difficult to find a good position for your Angel care monitor you can find a good stand at very reasonable price called a joby gorilla tripod.

    The parent unit is basic looking but does its job well it has a touch screen that’s not to fiddly and a handy belt clip. The talk back feature works well and is useful for staying in touch with older children.

    The picture is clear but you may want to adjust the distance to get the picture your happy with.There is a night mode function to which it switches to automatically and the camera can zoom in and out and also pan’s round to catch the best picture of your little one!


    Not to many here but there are a few things I think worth noting!

    The battery life on this monitor could be better, it lasts just over the six hour mark in video mode and not to much longer in audio so a bit of advice make sure you give this monitor a good charge before day time sleeps.

    You will be mobile in the day and the last thing you want is to have the parent unit on charge hampering your ability to be active around your home and garden.

    You can only have one parent unit which isn’t the best if you want multiple units for different rooms.

    The range is very good but! a word of caution I recommend you test the signal from various positions in your house and garden before you setup and go, as multiple structures, walls etc can hamper the signal strength significantly.

    Ensure the Nursery Unit is at least 1 metre away from your baby’s cot. Keep all wires at a safe distance!

So in conclusion is the Angelcare AC1120 the best video and audio baby monitor on the market?

  • In my opinion its up there but not quite Heavenly! So be confident that aside from a few minor niggles this is a very good all round video and audio monitor and worthy in any nursery! Angelcare is a trusted name in the baby monitor world and this monitor i believe is one of the reasons why!


  • See below a few alternative monitor to consider.



Thanks for reading my review and please leave a comment I love hearing your thoughts and any suggestions for future reviews please let me know.

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