Baby monitors a safe investment


baby monitors

When we hear the news……..I’m pregnant so many feelings and emotions well up in us. Although its the most natural, inspiring and life changing event we as human beings go through its also one of the most responsible things we will ever do in our lives.

I can remember when I found out I was going to be a dad how excited and how proud I felt. I couldn’t wait to tell friends and family. This amazing thing was about to happen (well in 9 months or so) and I needed to tell the world! Well once we had finished telling people and the initial excitement had made way to more practical matters, we started to build a list on what we needed.

Oddly enough my mind went to audio baby monitors almost straight away even though it was way down our list of priorities as the little one would be sleeping with us for the first few months. I think for me this was so important because it was going to be our electronic baby sitter/minder,  and like anything or anyone that you leave your child’s safety with,  you have to have total confidence and trust!

So when you think about it, a baby monitor (whether its an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor) has one of the most important roles in the first few years of your child’s welfare.  After all they sleep two thirds of it and who’s there keeping guard 😉

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