Best Parenting Books for Newborns

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Andrés Nieto Porras from Palma de Mallorca, España

The Gentle Parenting Book: How to raise calmer, happier children from birth to seven. 


Gentle parenting is a great book for modern parenting – it isn’t a label for a precise set of rules but a method of parenting that embraces the needs of parent and child, while being mindful of current science and child psychology. It means parenting with empathy, respect, understanding – and boundaries.




Your Baby Week By Week: The ultimate guide to caring for your new baby

A very easy and well structured book guiding you through the first weeks after you baby is born without being preachy. Full of advice, information, and reassurance to help you in those overwhelming first weeks of finding your feet as a new parent.







The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting

The Contented Little Baby Book, based on Gina Ford’s personal experience of caring for over 300 babies. It has plenty of tips on getting your new baby to sleep through the night,addressing teething problems, coping with colic and making your new baby routines less stressful!


Gina is a new authority on baby and childcare issues and has remained one of the bestselling parenting books in the UK for almost 20 years.





The Blissful Baby Expert


In The Blissful Baby Expert, Lisa Clegg draws on her own experience of motherhood and her professional life as a nanny and maternity nurse to share her essential, trusted advice. Gentle, reassuring and practical, her book guides you every step of the way from birth to two years. It includes:

– Equipment – what is essential and what is helpful
– Coming home – how to cope and bond in the early days
– Sleep – flexible plans to help your baby settle and sleep
– Feeding – guilt-free breast- and bottlefeeding
– Weaning – when to start and how to do it
– Q&As – common worries and what to do
– Development – what to expect and advice on toys

Every baby is different and this is why Lisa’s book isn’t a restrictive one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, she gives you the knowledge you need to trust your own instincts, build your confidence and learn to recognise what is best for your baby. With this knowledge, you’ll enjoy calm, happy parenting and a blissful, settled baby.

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