Audio baby monitor or Video baby monitor which is best?

When we came to make this decision I did give it some thought but I initially decided I wanted a top rated video baby monitor. When my partner asked why? I thought it was a very simple answer “well we get the best of both a no brainer right?”.

I was actually a little bit stunned when she asked me that, so sure I was about what baby monitor to choose I didn’t sit down to work on the pro’s and con’s for each type of baby monitor. So before I started my search we sat down and talked about what we wanted out of our baby monitor.

So the first thing we did was list the types of baby monitor and their functions as we thought this was the best place to start. We narrowed it down to audio baby monitors and video baby monitors.

The first on the list was audio baby monitors so we went through the pro’s and con’s there:



  • Cost. Anything from £20 upwards to £80.
  • Simplicity. Easy to use, less things to go wrong!
  • Set up. Again very easy.
  • DECT. (Digital enhanced cordless communications) It’s a frequency that runs on 1.9 GHz, that is reserved for voice technologies. They’re encrypted, so you have a much better layer of security.
  • Smaller parent unit. Due to less tech than a video baby monitor it’s so much easer to be mobile with.
  • Battery life. Not as much power needed, as above with less tech than a video baby monitor the charge will last longer, fewer charges needed and rechargeable batteries will have a longer life!



  • Static/interference. If running on analogue some audio baby monitors are prone to this.
  • Sound only. To state the obvious but its limited to just sound monitoring.
  • More than one child to monitor. Not ideal when monitoring several children and can be confusing when trying to pinpoint who’s being noisy!
  • Features are very limited. Compared with other types of baby monitor the features are limited……….but some still have some pretty good ones.

Then we looked at the pro’s and con’s with Video baby monitors.


  • Seeing is believing. The most obvious and important one you can see as well as hear your little ones while they sleep.
  • Time. May not be an obvious one but having a video baby monitor will stop all the what I call “uncertain visits”. When your not sure if you need to check a noise or if you haven’t heard anything for a while, with a video baby monitor you can just check the screen to satisfy or go if needed.
  • Multi Viewing. You can set up multiple cameras from one parent unit, ideal if you have twins or more than one child.
  • Functions. Ok so there are so many with a video monitor like the usual lullabies, night light, temperature and talk back facility. Some of the ones I personally like are night vision, wifi, you can hook them up to your mobile devise of choice even your T.V., rotate your camera remotely,  zoom in and out and even record footage.
  • Confidence. This is one of the biggest advantages the peace of mind you get of not only hearing but seeing your little one when they sleep.


  • Cost. Well this can run well into the £100’s as with more advanced tech naturally comes with a higher cost.
  • Set up. Setting the Nursery can be much more difficult than an audio monitor. Finding the right height for your camera (even wall mounting) making sure you have a perfect signal and picture, moving furniture may help.
  • Secure signal. Now digital monitors (especially DECT) are pretty secure now days but not 100% especially when using Wifi. So please make sure your passwords are safe!
  • Obsessive viewing. Funny one this its surprising how much time you spend checking the monitor and it can be very addictive. Then in a world of reality T.V. we’re living I guess its not surprising at all –  it’s like you own little reality show with you little ones centre stage!



We choose this audio baby monitor!

So after working through these we eventually came to a decision, now the decision we came to may or may not shock you but it was based on our circumstances and what we thought would work well for us!

We chose an Audio Baby monitor! Why I hear you ask, well a few factors came into play, some of the main ones were:

  • Our bedroom was very close to the nursery so it wasn’t a problem checking any uncertain noises as we could see the cot from our bedroom.
  • Cost came into it also as we were on a tight-ish budget its official babies are expensive!
  • Compulsive viewing yes that’s me, we knew this because it was my nature (little bit of OCD thrown in there) and I was a bit of a first time parent worrier.


Do your homework when choosing your baby monitor!

When it was decided we got to work on choosing the Audio baby monitor we wanted and it was a shock to me how many different types there are!

So put the kettle on sit down do your homework and take your time, all different types of monitors have there pro’s and con’s so you may surprise yourself what you decide to go for I know I certainly did!

Here are a couple of links to get you started in your search for Audio baby monitors and Video baby monitors and I hope this helps in your quest to find the right baby monitor for you and your little ones.

Please leave a comment or contact me at for any questions you might have and I will do my best to help.

I wish you all the best,