BT 300 Digital baby monitor review – Safe and sound?

Product: BT Digital baby monitor Review
Price:  £29,99
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Type of monitor: Digital audio only
Guarantee: 12 months from the date of purchase.
My Rating: 7 out of 10

The BT 300 Digital baby monitor, Product Overview

The BT 300 is an audio digital baby monitor with Hi Definition (Hi-dS) sound so it will pick up the slightest of noises clearly which gives you confidence in not missing a cry or a gurgle from you little one. It’s well specified with DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) digital technology, which means there are up to 120 channels available.


• Digital sound quality with high definition sound (Hi-ds™) lets you hear your baby breathe, gurgle, snuffle or cry with complete clarity

• Wireless range of up to 300m outdoors and up to 50m indoors (in ideal conditions, where there is a clear line of sight between the units) – giving you the freedom to move around with clear reception and no interference from other baby monitors

• Out of range and battery low warnings

• Link light provides continuous confidence that the Parent unit is receiving a signal from the Baby unit and will alert you if the link is lost

• Talk back feature lets you instantly reassure and calm your baby

• Nightlight on Baby unit

• Crying alert on Parent unit



Here are my pro’s and con’s let’s see how well this monitor performs!



To start with this monitor looks good and feels solid with pleasant colours and doesn’t look out of place in your little ones nursery.

The set up was very easy I guess because it’s a pretty basic monitor (but then that’s what we wanted) and didn’t take long at all.

A full charge on the parent monitor lasts for quite some time which allows you to be more active for longer and doesn’t tie you down while your little one snoozes!

The sound is very sensitive and any noises, gurgles etc. from you child can be picked up quite clearly. This is quite reassuring at night and gives you confidence when you sleep that you won’t miss any commands your little one calls out for.

The range is very good as long as you don’t have to many obstructions and there has been no signal interference from any other devices.

Due to its small compact size this would be an ideal travel monitor.

Lastly the BT 300 Digital baby monitor is priced at £29,99 so you can’t really go wrong a very affordable digital audio baby monitor.



There aren’t to many to be honest as there isn’t a lot of features that can go wrong.

There has been some reports of the longevity issue’s and some units have had some technical faults but they are few and far between.

Connection problems between the nursery unit and the parent unit do happen from time to time but there is a way to reset the unit if this happens and BT have a very good customer service helpline to help out with most technical issues.

It would be nice if the parent unit had a docking station instead of plugging directly into the mains. Also a belt clip or a wrist strap would be a nice added feature!


BT a household name in telecommunications but how do they rate in the baby monitor world?

There are other Digital audio monitors there with a wide range of different all singing and dancing features and if that’s what your after then this isn’t the monitor for you.

BT haven’t reinvented the wheel here but that’s not what this monitor is about, if your after a no frills solid compact little audio monitor that says what it does on the tin at a very affordable price then this is the one.

I hope this helps in your choice of audio baby monitor and please feel free to leave a comment.

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