HelloBaby HB32

Product: HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Type of monitor: Digital audio and video monitor
Price:  £89.99
Guarantee:24 months from the date of purchase
My Rating: 8 out of 10



The HelloBaby HB32 monitor is another great product from a well trusted family brand.

With a larger than average screen for a baby monitor, it allows you to watch your baby, day and night with an extremely high quality picture. It boasts a particularly good infrared night vision camera.

The camera is wall mounted to the positon of your choice, and you can very easily zoom in to watch your baby while they sleep. The microphone on the HB32 is very sensitive – you literally hear every murmur!

A selection of lullabies will help sooth your little one to sleep and you can be safe in the knowledge that the temperature display feature (with alarm) will alert you to any significant changes in temperature in your child’s room. The LCD display lights up when any noise is detected – even when the volume is turned down.

A great feature is the two-way talk back, if ever you need to comfort and reassure your baby.


  • Outdoor transmission distance of up to 300m (without block)
  • 4GHz Digital Wireless Audio & Video Transmission
  • 3.2 inch LCD display, including temperature display and alarm
  • Selection of lullabies
  • Perfect night vision camera
  • Two-way talk option
  • Low power and no signal warning alarms
  • Multi camera expandability
  • Vox mode



  • Easy to setup and pair the camera and parental unit
  • Big screen at 3.2 inch and very clear picture
  • Long range of up to 300m
  • Modern & stylish look and feel
  • Fantastic battery life, no need to re-charge through the day


  • The volume of the lullabies cannot be turned up or down, they are at a set volume
  • Can not “pan” the camera remotely, not ideal but you can adjust manually.


HelloBaby have made another reliable video baby monitor and at a very reasonable price it is packed full of features that will give confidence to any new parent.

The bigger than average screen on the parent unit is a huge plus point, and the option to add more cameras if your family expands, is certainly value for money!

All in all, a brilliant product without breaking the bank!

If you think this is the baby monitor for you please click the link below and enjoy!


The Angelcare AC517 Baby Monitor Review

Product: Angelcare AC517 Digital Video, Wireless Movement and Sound Touch Screen Baby Monitor
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Type of monitor: Digital audio and video monitor
Price:  £269.99
Guarantee:12 months from the date of purchase
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


This Angelcare video, movement and sound monitor has been created with total peace of mind at the heart of all its functions.

Not only does it have crystal clear sound transmission, and full colour digital display – it boasts the new wireless Sensor Pad which lies under the mattress to monitor all your baby’s movements, especially the slightest ones.

(If no movement has been detected for 20 seconds, then an alarm will sound prompting you to check on your sleeping baby).

The AC517 and its wireless movement sensor pad, uses the latest technology to collect and store data on the systems parent unit.

Information stored is over a period of the last 2 months, and a definite plus point to this technology means parents can review the data reports if they wish, and make any necessary changes to the baby’s sleeping environment.

A 5 inch colour LCD screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays a number of monitoring features, so even if you turn the sound down or off then you’re still able to monitor your baby.

An alarm can be set on the thermometer, to keep your baby at a comfortable constant temperature of your choosing.

A wide-angle camera can be wall mounted, or fixed “table-top” with adjustable magnetic mounts, ensuring perfectly clear night vision to enable you to relax through the night too.


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Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad: The Sensor Pad monitors all your baby’s movements, even the slightest ones. An alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds

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Adjustable Sensitivity Settings: Sensitivity of the Sensor Pad can be adjusted as your baby grows and becomes more active

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Low Battery Indicator: The red light on the Nursery Unit flashes when batteries need replacing

 All Products

Portable & Rechargeable Parent Unit: Keep your portable Parent Unit charged to monitor your baby on the go

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Full Colour Digital Display: The colour LCD screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays a number of monitoring features, so even if the sound is off you’re still able to monitor your baby

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Temperature Display & Control: The temperature in baby’s room is displayed on the Parent Unit, an alarm can be set to sound if the temperature is too high or too low

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Crystal Clear Sound Transmission: Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission with multiple channels to choose from

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Out of Range Indicator: The “Out of Range” indicator function will advise you when the two units are not communicating with each other. Out of range situations can be caused by distance or by physical interferences Multifunctional: This Angelcare Baby Monitor has the flexibility to meet your specific needs, it monitors movement and sound, sound only or movement only

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Digital Crystal Clear Sound Transmission: The digital transmission with automatic channel selection guarantees optimal sound quality and communication privacy between Parent and Nursery Unit

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Talk-back: Press the button on the Parent Unit and speak directly to your baby


  • Simple to pair the Camera and LCD screen
  • Sensor Pad can add even more peace of mind.
  • Great clear camera quality- especially with night vision.
  • Strong signal from different parts of the house, even outside.
  • Numerous monitoring alarms can be set if you so wish.


  • Sometimes alarms sound on the Sensor Pad, when in fact the baby is just sleeping too far away from the centre of the pad. However, the plus points to this pad far outweigh the odd “false” reading.
  • Priced in the top tier of monitors, but should far exceed your expectations – thus worth every penny!


Angelcare AC517 Digital Video, Wireless Movement and Sound Touch Screen Baby Monitor is certainly one to consider.

As a new parent, this high-tech monitor should tick all the boxes from your worry list! It is packed full of features that will give the confidence and peace of mind you are looking for, and its price tag reflects this.

If you think this is the baby monitor for you please click the link below and enjoy!

Summer Infant Baby Glow Digital Video Monitor Review

Product: Summer Infant Baby Glow Digital Video Monitor and Projection CameraCheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Type of monitor: Digital audio and video monitor
Price:  £153.57
Guarantee:12 months from the date of purchase
My Rating: 9 out of 10


This Baby Glow Digital Video Monitor was created combining some top features from the Baby Touch and Slumber Buddy range.

Thanks to its 3 colour moon and stars projection mixed with some soothing lullabies, it very easily creates a calming environment to help your baby drift off to sleep, whilst allowing you to still keep a close eye on your sleeping child.

With a range of up to 300m, and digital technology for extra privacy and security, the Baby Glow provides exactly what you would expect from a trusted brand.

A bonus with this monitor is the expandable system it boasts which, if needed, allows you to monitor multiple rooms/children. Any extra cameras needed are sold separately, and there is a video and auto-scan function between rooms.

For your peace of mind, out of range indicators are displayed on screen, along with sound activated LED lights.


  • 3 colour night sky projection
  • 5 lullabies and natural sounds
  • Colour LCD video display on 2.8-inch handheld monitor screen
  • Sound activated LED lights, power-saving one-touch video on/off and low battery and out of range indicators on screen
  • Digital zoom and two-way communication









  • Very easy to set up
  • Reasonably priced compared to other models with similar functions
  • Exceptionally clear picture, especially with night vision.
  • Long battery life – enough for daytime naps, without a further charge needed.
  • Strong signal from different parts of the house . 300m range.



  • No thermometer to monitor room temperature
  • Fixed camera means it can sometimes take a while to position the camera correctly


The Summer Infant Baby Glow Digital Video Monitor is a fantastic monitor to certainly consider with your shortlist.

It is packed full of features that will give the confidence you are looking for as a parent.  The lullabies do not have a timer on them, which is possibly the only slightly negative we can see with this monitor.

Check this great baby monitor on Amazon or click the link below and enjoy!

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 Review

ProductBT Video Baby Monitor 6000!
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Type of monitor: Digital audio and video monitor
Price:  £270.00
Guarantee:24 months from the date of purchase
My Rating:9.0 out of 10


The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 comes from one of the most respected brands in communications and with the BT 6000 it doesn’t disappoint.

A whopping 5″ video monitor screen lets you see your little one sleeping in a crystal clear high quality picture. The camera can pan, tilt, zoom and with night vision to you’ll never miss a thing!

Lullabies will help sooth your little one and a temperature display feature will alert you to any changes either hot or cold.

The two way talk feature will keep you and your baby in contact whenever you need to comfort and reassure him or her.

With all the great features you’d expect from BT you can rest easy at night knowing your little one has a great digital guardian keeping watch.


  •  Long range of 250m outdoors and 50m indoors so you don’t miss a sound
  •  Large 5 inch colour screen
  •  Temperature indication
  •  5 lullabies
  •  Sound level lights – for when you don’t want to hear every snuffle, but you want to be
  •  Manual & digital pan & tilt with zoom
  •  Remote controlled pan (motorised)
  •  Talkback (2-way communication)
  •  Night Vision+
  •  Portable parent unit    


  • Very easy to set up
  • User friendly not complicated to use
  • You can adjust the camera remotely
  • Big screen at 5″ and very clear massive plus
  • Long range of 250m outdoors and 50m indoors
  • A very compact and solid parent unit


  • Could have more lullabies
  • Cost is on the high end but you pay for what you get!


A great video baby monitor the BT 6000 is a great all rounder, packed full of features that will give confidence to new and nervous parents alike. Possibly needs more lullabies but that’s being picky.

Well worth considering this as your digital baby guardian!!

If you think this is the baby monitor for you please click the link below and enjoy!

Baby feeding set -everything you need to feed your little one!

Product: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Kit
Price : £133.00
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10
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The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Kit is everything you need for when you are ready to start bottle feeding your baby .

The award winning  “closer to nature bottles” come in two great sizes of 150 ml/5 floz and 260 ml/9 floz, accommodating your baby’s appetite as they grow.

As part of the Essentials Kit , you also get the unique teat design that mimics the natural flex, feel and overall movement of a mum’s breast. This design will help with the switch between breast feeding and bottle feeding, making it a much smoother transition!

This aesthetically pleasing sterilizer would fit into any home seamlessly like any other essential kitchen appliance and comes with lots of kit which is listed below.



  • Contains: 1 x electric steam sterilizer
  • 4 X Closer to Nature 9floz feeding bottles
  • 4 x Closer to Nature 5floz feeding bottles
  • 1 x electric bottle warmer
  • 6 x milk powder dispensers
  • 2 x insulated bottle bags
  • 2 x Closer to Nature medium flow teats
  • 1 x Closer to Nature 0-6m soother
  • 1 x bottle brush, 1 x teat tongs
  • Always BPA free for your ultimate reassurance
  • Compatible with all Closer to Nature teats excluding Advanced Comfort and Ultra teats


  • The sterilizer is very quick. It only takes 5 mins and you are ready to go.
  • The Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles are BPA-free for total reassurance.
  • The insulated bottle bags make it so much easier when on the move with the little one, load them up with your milk powder dispensers a warm bottle of boiled water and you are good to go!
  • The steamer holds a handy 6 bottles and is very easy to clean.
  • Everything you need for feeding your baby is at your fingertips with this Closer to Nature Essentials Kit.



  • Some babies may not take to teats.


This has everything you need for feeding your newborn and makes it so much easier and hassle free.

A very efficient  way to prep your little ones bottles –  hygienic and simple to use.

As a new parent you look for anything that can make life easier, and feeding time can be one of the most stressful. The Closer to Nature Essentials Kit,  I believe, gives you that little bit of reassurance and confidence at milky time.

A great product made  from a well respected & trusted name in the baby world.

Tommee Tippee we salute you!


If this is the Baby feeding set you want(and we don’t blame you) click the link below and happy feeding time!

Best Parenting Books for Newborns

baby monitors

The Gentle Parenting Book: How to raise calmer, happier children from birth to seven. 


Gentle parenting is a great book for modern parenting – it isn’t a label for a precise set of rules but a method of parenting that embraces the needs of parent and child, while being mindful of current science and child psychology. It means parenting with empathy, respect, understanding – and boundaries.




Your Baby Week By Week: The ultimate guide to caring for your new baby

A very easy and well structured book guiding you through the first weeks after you baby is born without being preachy. Full of advice, information, and reassurance to help you in those overwhelming first weeks of finding your feet as a new parent.







The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting

The Contented Little Baby Book, based on Gina Ford’s personal experience of caring for over 300 babies. It has plenty of tips on getting your new baby to sleep through the night,addressing teething problems, coping with colic and making your new baby routines less stressful!


Gina is a new authority on baby and childcare issues and has remained one of the bestselling parenting books in the UK for almost 20 years.





The Blissful Baby Expert


In The Blissful Baby Expert, Lisa Clegg draws on her own experience of motherhood and her professional life as a nanny and maternity nurse to share her essential, trusted advice. Gentle, reassuring and practical, her book guides you every step of the way from birth to two years. It includes:

– Equipment – what is essential and what is helpful
– Coming home – how to cope and bond in the early days
– Sleep – flexible plans to help your baby settle and sleep
– Feeding – guilt-free breast- and bottlefeeding
– Weaning – when to start and how to do it
– Q&As – common worries and what to do
– Development – what to expect and advice on toys

Every baby is different and this is why Lisa’s book isn’t a restrictive one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, she gives you the knowledge you need to trust your own instincts, build your confidence and learn to recognise what is best for your baby. With this knowledge, you’ll enjoy calm, happy parenting and a blissful, settled baby.

iBaby M6S Baby Monitor first glance – Could this be the best baby monitor 2017?

State of the art baby monitor is one word you could use for this safety monitor and all its features!

I will review this baby detector in a future post but today i just wanted to give you guys a quick run down on what this amazing baby monitor from iBaby can do.

(From iBaby)

The iBaby monitor works with your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, HTC, Google Nexus and more. You can see and hear your baby anytime, anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet (including Wi-Fi, 3G/4G network, LTE, etc.). From iBaby Care App, you set motion/sound alerts, zoom in and snap photos so you never miss an important moment.


iBaby M6S 1080P Video Wifi Baby Montior

Functions and Features

  • Using P2P penetration technology, remote viewing without mapping router port, it is true plug and use product.
  • iOS: Monitor automatically get the IOS device is currently connected Wi-Fi account and password.
  • Android: Smart configuration: one-click installation.
  • High-performance protocols: TCP / IP, HTTP, UDP, DHCP, P2P, etc.
  • 1080P HD, remote / local monitoring, Snapshot, local recording, alert recording.
  • Selectable video resolution for comprehensive network bandwidth & mobile device.
  • Motion and sound alert notifications.
  • Full duplex two-way talkback.
  • Acoustics echo cancellation technology providing nice audio quality.
  • Pan & tilt support.
  • Support WIFI 2.4GHz and 5GHz, supports 802.11 a/b / g / n wireless networking protocols.
  • Supports four users to view the video feed simultaneously.
  • Excellent night vision function (effective range of 6 meters).
  • Supports i-Pad, i-Phone, i-Touch, and Android devices.
  • Video and photo sharing to social media.
  • Air quality testing (8 kinds : formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, cigarette smoke, perfume).
  • Local lullaby storage & playing.
  • Humidity & temperature sensor.

As you can see above it has an impressive array of features.  This monitor is capable of so much – I believe it could be used for many situations outside the baby monitor environment.

Ok, so I’ve put a couple of links through this post and I’ve put a link below.  At the time of writing, the best price I can see is on Amazon. So take a look – there’s more info and a few reviews to check out.


Thanks for reading and please do comment below and tell me your thoughts and if you have this monitor I’d love to hear how it performs!


Kind regards


Audio baby monitor or Video baby monitor which is best?

When we came to make this decision I did give it some thought but I initially decided I wanted a top rated video baby monitor. When my partner asked why? I thought it was a very simple answer “well we get the best of both a no brainer right?”.

I was actually a little bit stunned when she asked me that, so sure I was about what baby monitor to choose I didn’t sit down to work on the pro’s and con’s for each type of baby monitor. So before I started my search we sat down and talked about what we wanted out of our baby monitor.

So the first thing we did was list the types of baby monitor and their functions as we thought this was the best place to start. We narrowed it down to audio baby monitors and video baby monitors.

The first on the list was audio baby monitors so we went through the pro’s and con’s there:



  • Cost. Anything from £20 upwards to £80.
  • Simplicity. Easy to use, less things to go wrong!
  • Set up. Again very easy.
  • DECT. (Digital enhanced cordless communications) It’s a frequency that runs on 1.9 GHz, that is reserved for voice technologies. They’re encrypted, so you have a much better layer of security.
  • Smaller parent unit. Due to less tech than a video baby monitor it’s so much easer to be mobile with.
  • Battery life. Not as much power needed, as above with less tech than a video baby monitor the charge will last longer, fewer charges needed and rechargeable batteries will have a longer life!



  • Static/interference. If running on analogue some audio baby monitors are prone to this.
  • Sound only. To state the obvious but its limited to just sound monitoring.
  • More than one child to monitor. Not ideal when monitoring several children and can be confusing when trying to pinpoint who’s being noisy!
  • Features are very limited. Compared with other types of baby monitor the features are limited……….but some still have some pretty good ones.


Then we looked at the pro’s and con’s with Video baby monitors.



  • Seeing is believing. The most obvious and important one you can see as well as hear your little ones while they sleep.
  • Time. May not be an obvious one but having a video baby monitor will stop all the what I call “uncertain visits”. When your not sure if you need to check a noise or if you haven’t heard anything for a while, with a video baby monitor you can just check the screen to satisfy or go if needed.
  • Multi Viewing. You can set up multiple cameras from one parent unit, ideal if you have twins or more than one child.
  • Functions. Ok so there are so many with a video monitor like the usual lullabies, night light, temperature and talk back facility. Some of the ones I personally like are night vision, wifi, you can hook them up to your mobile devise of choice even your T.V., rotate your camera remotely,  zoom in and out and even record footage.
  • Confidence. This is one of the biggest advantages the peace of mind you get of not only hearing but seeing your little one when they sleep.



  • Cost. Well this can run well into the £100’s as with more advanced tech naturally comes with a higher cost.
  • Set up. Setting the Nursery can be much more difficult than an audio monitor. Finding the right height for your camera (even wall mounting) making sure you have a perfect signal and picture, moving furniture may help.
  • Secure signal. Now digital monitors (especially DECT) are pretty secure now days but not 100% especially when using Wifi. So please make sure your passwords are safe!
  • Obsessive viewing. Funny one this its surprising how much time you spend checking the monitor and it can be very addictive. Then in a world of reality T.V. we’re living I guess its not surprising at all –  it’s like you own little reality show with you little ones centre stage!



We choose this audio baby monitor!

So after working through these we eventually came to a decision, now the decision we came to may or may not shock you but it was based on our circumstances and what we thought would work well for us!

We chose an Audio Baby monitor! Why I hear you ask, well a few factors came into play, some of the main ones were:

  • Our bedroom was very close to the nursery so it wasn’t a problem checking any uncertain noises as we could see the cot from our bedroom.
  • Cost came into it also as we were on a tight-ish budget its official babies are expensive!
  • Compulsive viewing yes that’s me, we knew this because it was my nature (little bit of OCD thrown in there) and I was a bit of a first time parent worrier.


Do your homework when choosing your baby monitor!

When it was decided we got to work on choosing the Audio baby monitor we wanted and it was a shock to me how many different types there are!

So put the kettle on sit down do your homework and take your time, all different types of monitors have there pro’s and con’s so you may surprise yourself what you decide to go for I know I certainly did!

Here are a couple of links to get you started in your search for Audio baby monitors and Video baby monitors and I hope this helps in your quest to find the right baby monitor for you and your little ones.

Please leave a comment or contact me at support@babymonitorswithcurtis.com for any questions you might have and I will do my best to help.

I wish you all the best,







So you decided on an audio baby monitor!


Ok so you’ve chosen your type baby monitor and you’ve gone for an audio baby monitor……good choice!

Actually this was the first baby monitor that we choose for our daughter Isabella and for the first week I think I had it permanently stuck to my ear! After my good lady managed to pry it away from me (she would of used a crowbar if we had one) we had it set up in our bedroom.

I think your bedroom is the best place to have the charger or docking station plugged in. When your handset (this part goes where you go) is on and doing its job at night you can keep it plugged into your charger or sitting on its docking station so it will be receiving a charge through the night. When your little one goes for his/her morning nap you can bring your monitor with you fully charged and ready to go!

When you set up the nursery unit (this part stays in your babies room) make sure its at a good height and reaches your mains socket, you may need to move some furniture around to achieve this. Now the last thing is test the range and clarity around your house or garden.  For example can you hear your little one moving around, making noises, crying or laughing etc.

If you need any more information on audio or the different kinds of baby monitors please check out types of baby monitors.

Ok so now you have an idea what you need to do, now you need to know where to find one!

If you would like to check out some great audio baby monitors please click the link. A bit of advice take your time………there are many!


Baby monitors a safe investment


baby monitors

When we hear the news……..I’m pregnant so many feelings and emotions well up in us. Although its the most natural, inspiring and life changing event we as human beings go through its also one of the most responsible things we will ever do in our lives.

I can remember when I found out I was going to be a dad how excited and how proud I felt. I couldn’t wait to tell friends and family. This amazing thing was about to happen (well in 9 months or so) and I needed to tell the world! Well once we had finished telling people and the initial excitement had made way to more practical matters, we started to build a list on what we needed.

Oddly enough my mind went to audio baby monitors almost straight away even though it was way down our list of priorities as the little one would be sleeping with us for the first few months. I think for me this was so important because it was going to be our electronic baby sitter/minder,  and like anything or anyone that you leave your child’s safety with,  you have to have total confidence and trust!

So when you think about it, a baby monitor (whether its an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor) has one of the most important roles in the first few years of your child’s welfare.  After all they sleep two thirds of it and who’s there keeping guard 😉