iBaby M6S Baby Monitor first glance – Could this be the best baby monitor 2017?

State of the art baby monitor is one word you could use for this safety monitor and all its features!

I will review this baby detector in a future post but today i just wanted to give you guys a quick run down on what this amazing baby monitor from iBaby can do.

(From iBaby)

The iBaby monitor works with your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, HTC, Google Nexus and more. You can see and hear your baby anytime, anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet (including Wi-Fi, 3G/4G network, LTE, etc.). From iBaby Care App, you set motion/sound alerts, zoom in and snap photos so you never miss an important moment.


iBaby M6S 1080P Video Wifi Baby Montior

Functions and Features

  • Using P2P penetration technology, remote viewing without mapping router port, it is true plug and use product.
  • iOS: Monitor automatically get the IOS device is currently connected Wi-Fi account and password.
  • Android: Smart configuration: one-click installation.
  • High-performance protocols: TCP / IP, HTTP, UDP, DHCP, P2P, etc.
  • 1080P HD, remote / local monitoring, Snapshot, local recording, alert recording.
  • Selectable video resolution for comprehensive network bandwidth & mobile device.
  • Motion and sound alert notifications.
  • Full duplex two-way talkback.
  • Acoustics echo cancellation technology providing nice audio quality.
  • Pan & tilt support.
  • Support WIFI 2.4GHz and 5GHz, supports 802.11 a/b / g / n wireless networking protocols.
  • Supports four users to view the video feed simultaneously.
  • Excellent night vision function (effective range of 6 meters).
  • Supports i-Pad, i-Phone, i-Touch, and Android devices.
  • Video and photo sharing to social media.
  • Air quality testing (8 kinds : formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, cigarette smoke, perfume).
  • Local lullaby storage & playing.
  • Humidity & temperature sensor.

As you can see above it has an impressive array of features.  This monitor is capable of so much – I believe it could be used for many situations outside the baby monitor environment.

Ok, so I’ve put a couple of links through this post and I’ve put a link below.  At the time of writing, the best price I can see is on Amazon. So take a look – there’s more info and a few reviews to check out.


Thanks for reading and please do comment below and tell me your thoughts and if you have this monitor I’d love to hear how it performs!


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