My top five audio baby monitors

Hi all,

I have put a list together of my top 5 Audio baby monitors on the market at the moment.

I think these audio monitors are innovative and more importantly very effective baby guardians! So I will give a brief overview of what i think makes them stand out and I will put a link in for each one so you can see more details of the product, like in -depth specs and features, great reviews from people who own the product and of course the cost .

  • Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

    The Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Movement & Sound Baby Monitor gives you confidence by employing an adjustable sensor pad under your baby to monitor every little movement, coupled with an extremely clear sound transmission that gives you the peace of mind to unwind while your little one sleeps.



  • Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby Monitor    

    The Motorola MBP8 Baby Monitor has amazingly clear sound due to its very sensitive nursery unit. The 1.8GHz DECT technology increases the reliability and range up to 50m indoors. The nursery unit can be plugged straight into the mains so eliminates the use of cables and has a useful little nightlight to help ease your baby’s mind.


  • Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor

    This is the best wearable baby monitor on the market and it offers total freedom to the wearer with 3 different modes.  Audio mode for sound, Vibration mode so you can feel any movements or noises by a vibration through the parent unit (great if you are near the nursery) and visual, well by that I mean there’s a light mode to give you visual indicators if there is any noise coming from your child’s room. A new style monitor for the active parent!



  • Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD580/01 with Starry Night Projector and Climate Alert

    Phillips have produced a fantastic monitor with the AVENT SCD580/01 DECT Baby Monitor. This great baby monitor has amazing clarity so you can hear every gurgle, giggle and cry so you can sleep well knowing you won’t miss a thing.

    The features are very reassuring for you and your little one and they include temperature and humidity sensors so you can monitor the conditions in your child’s room.  Soothing lullabies and starry night light show to help calm your baby to sleep,  and you have the standard two way talk back system so you can speak to and comfort your baby if need be.



  • BT 300 Digital Baby Monitor

    When we talk about any communications device it’s inevitable that BT will have their own version and with baby monitors there’s no exception.

    This monitor has all what you’d expect from a very well respected name in communications.  It boasts DECT technology with up to 120 channels and has Hi definition sound so any noises your little one makes will be heard crystal clear.

    With a range of up to 50m indoors and up to 300m outdoors it gives you the freedom to move around your home and garden with great confidence.

    This aesthetically pleasing little monitor is solid in construction and very easy to set up.

    So with its very attractive price tag this little beauty had to make my top five



Thanks for taking the time to read my top 5 Audio baby monitors and I  hope you found this helpful.

Do you agree with me? Is there an audio baby monitor you think should be in here?

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


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