Philips AVENT digital video monitor scd603 – Review

Product: Philips AVENT digital video monitor
Price:  £149.00
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Type of monitor: Digital audio and video monitor
Guarantee: 24 months from the date of purchase
My Rating:  7.5 out of 10

Philips AVENT digital video baby monitor scd603, Product overview from the manufacturer

The baby monitor SCD603 enables you to maintain a secure connection with your baby at all times. As well as perfect sound quality, you can now also see your baby. With a range of up to 150 meters, this monitor is fully portable and easy to use.



  • Automatic infra-red night vision

The infra-red night vision automatically switches on in the dark

  • Range up to 150 metres

Indoor range up to 30 metres, outdoor range up to 150 metres

  • Wall mountable baby unit

Wall mountable baby unit for optimal positioning

  • Backup battery function in case of power failure

Backup battery function in the baby unit, so you stay connected in case of power failure

  • Rechargeable parent unit

Rechargeable parent unit for convenience around the home

  • Remotely select your lullabies

Remotely select your lullabies to gently soothe your child to sleep

  • Soft baby nightlight

Soft baby nightlight to calm your little one

  • Voice activation mode

The self-activating screen and volume will switch on when your baby starts crying



  • Here are my pro’s and con’s – let’s see how well this monitor performs!

    This is my first review of a Philips AVENT baby monitor, so here are my pro’s and con’s.


  • Pro’s

    This stylish little baby monitor is compact, light weight and is aesthetically pleasing with a belt clip for on the go parents. It has a clean look about it with black front and sky blue edging,

    This Avent baby monitor is very easy to set up and so simple to use. After a full charge the battery will keep going through afternoon and morning  naps no problem.

    The voice activation mode is a nice feature and the self-activating screen and volume will switch on when your baby starts crying

    The camera itself has a very clear picture with a day and night mode (infra red) and changes between the two automatically.

    There is a lullaby mode which is quite pleasant and you can put it on a loop for up  to 30 mins to help your little one drift off to sleep.

    With an outdoor range of up to 150 metres and indoor one of 30 metres this monitor allows a lot of freedom around the the home, but you will need to test the signal first as walls doors  and different structures can interfere with the signal.

    The nursery unit is wall mountable, which is very hand if you do not have any furniture near enough to your babies cot to stand it on!


    There a few to note starting with the camera.  When switching from night and day mode the picture can get a bit hazy and grey in low light conditions.  Also the camera does not have a pan or zoom feature so you have to adjust the picture by manually moving the nursery unit (bit of pain). Quite surprising I thought,  for a Video baby monitor in the price range.

    The WiFi  runs off 2.4Ghz and can be prone to pick up interference form other tech in the house. Therefore this monitor is best kept further away from the router and other electronics running on WiFi.  Running 5ghz WiFi  can solve this problem, but is not commonly used.

    The night light is not bright enough in my opinion, and with no talk back function, I think a few tricks may have been missed here.

    If you are interested in this monitor,  click the link below:

    Ensure the Nursery Unit is at least 1 meter  away from your baby’s cot. Keep all wires at a safe distance!

  • So in conclusion is the Philips AVENT digital video monitor scd603 a good investment?

    In my opinion its a solid but basic unit for the price tag and it does what it say’s on the tin so to speak!

    I’ve added a few other Video baby monitors in the price range below that are definitely worth a look.



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