So you decided on an audio baby monitor!


Ok so you’ve chosen your type baby monitor and you’ve gone for an audio baby monitor……good choice!

Actually this was the first baby monitor that we choose for our daughter Isabella and for the first week I think I had it permanently stuck to my ear! After my good lady managed to pry it away from me (she would of used a crowbar if we had one) we had it set up in our bedroom.

I think your bedroom is the best place to have the charger or docking station plugged in. When your handset (this part goes where you go) is on and doing its job at night you can keep it plugged into your charger or sitting on its docking station so it will be receiving a charge through the night. When your little one goes for his/her morning nap you can bring your monitor with you fully charged and ready to go!

When you set up the nursery unit (this part stays in your babies room) make sure its at a good height and reaches your mains socket, you may need to move some furniture around to achieve this. Now the last thing is test the range and clarity around your house or garden.  For example can you hear your little one moving around, making noises, crying or laughing etc.

If you need any more information on audio or the different kinds of baby monitors please check out types of baby monitors.

Ok so now you have an idea what you need to do, now you need to know where to find one!

If you would like to check out some great audio baby monitors please click the link. A bit of advice take your time………there are many!


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