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My top five video baby monitors

Hi all,

I have put a list together of my top 5 Video baby monitors on the market at the moment.

I think these audio monitors are innovative and more importantly very effective baby guardians! So I will give a brief overview of what I think makes them stand out and I will put a link in for each one so you can see more details of the product, like in -depth specs and features, great reviews from people who own the product and of course the cost .

  1. Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video and Sound Baby Monitor

    Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video and Sound Baby Monitor gives you confidence by employing an adjustable sensor pad under your baby to monitor every little movement, coupled with an extremely clear sound transmission that gives you the peace of mind to unwind while your little one sleeps.

  2. Philips SCD620/05 Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

    This cracking little video baby monitor may not be one of the cheap baby monitors with camera but it’s a great monitor from a much respected name in Philips Avent.

    With great sound quality, 2.7-inch LCD screen for crystal clear viewing and long battery life for up to 10 hours this monitor rocks!


  3. Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor

    The Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby monitor has a good sized LCD colour display at 3.5 inches and a great range of upto 200m.

    The nursery unit (camera) has infrared night vision and you can Control the MBP36S’s camera remotely to pan, tilt and zoom the video image as needed. Another great baby monitor from Motorola!

  4. BT Video Baby Monitor 7000 – Multi-Coloured

    BT Has got to be one of the most well respected names when it comes to baby monitors with plenty of awards to show for it, the BT Video Baby Monitor 7000 keeps the trend going!

    Packed full of features including HD sound, Temperature display, up to 19 Lullabies, Talk back facilities and much more!

    One feature that really is cool is the possibility to connect up to 4 cameras at once (you will need to buy the additional cameras separate) which allows you to watch all 4 on split screen or one full screen.

  5. HelloBaby HB24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

    The HelloBaby HB24 baby monitor is not only great value for money it’s also boasts fantasic features you’d expect from a more expensive baby monitor.

    Very simple to set up and use, featuring a High resolution 2.4 inch digital color LCD screen and if your after a baby monitor with two cameras or more this is the one.

    With features such as temperature monitoring and warning, Two-way talk back, lullabies, audio mode only and VOX mode, which is a power saving mode and sound activated, you can focus on other things until the monitor is activated by any noise your child makes!


Thank you for taking the time to read my top 5 Video baby monitors and I  hope you found this helpful.

Do you agree with me? Is there a baby monitor you think should be in here?

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards



Video baby monitors, its baby T.V !

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Video baby monitors are quite amazing inventions gone are days of just sound now we have sound and vision!

Some neighbours of ours a few years ago had a baby that was lets say vocal at night, at bedtime he would create such a fuss that they were constantly in and out of his bedroom.

One night the protesting started around bedtime as usual but there was something different, it was significantly longer periods before they would enter the bedroom and calm him down, settle him and leave the room, they we’re trying a technique called (some good books on amazon on this subject) controlled crying.

Some months later I asked how it was going as we had noticed bedtime was much quieter. I mentioned how hard it must of been not to go into his room straight away soon as the crying started. I asked how did you know he hadn’t got out of his cot or hurt himself?

So they explained they had bought a video baby monitor and they could see on the monitor what he was doing and if he was ok. Before I could ask the question “but how can you see him at night ” the mum explained how cool the night vision was!

I can remember walking away from that conversation thinking how far technology has come, how much it has helped a very stressful situation become more manageable and gives parents and guardians more confidence to make decisions like this.

If you need any more information on video or the different kinds of baby monitors please check out types of baby monitors.

If you think this is the baby monitor for you and you would like to check out some great deals please click the link to video baby monitors and good luck!