There are generally three main types of baby monitor and they are:

Audio Baby Monitor

The most common and familiar type of monitor. You have a transmitter(Nursery unit) in the baby’s room which translates any sound to the receiver (handset) which stays with you.



Audio Baby Monitor with a motion sensor function and padsBaby-Monitor-with-Motion-Sensor

As well as the normal kit you get with an audio monitor you  get a motion sensor and sensor pads. You place these pads under your baby’s mattress and plug into the unit in the room. If the baby does not move for a certain period of time an alarm will sound on the receiver.

A couple of things to note here, the sensor pads can require a hard or firm surface beneath the mattress to operate properly, so this isn’t really an option for moses baskets.


Video Baby Monitor71juxsl7nl__sl1500_

These monitors are quite impressive, they come with a small camera which you put in your child’s bedroom and they allow you to watch and hear your baby while they sleep. Some really are state of the art and come with night vision so you can still see your baby with the lights off! Some makes now have remote viewing access allowing you to watch your baby via smart phone, tablet and computer.

A little piece of advice, I personally would like to give is please check all manufactures safety procedures when setting up your baby monitors. Keep everything out of your little one’s reach!